Results to Share From FIT’s NGO CSW 67 Forum Panel Discussion

Innovative Solutions in Education Delivery to Empower Women and Girls

Collage Alitus and CTF.png (379 KB)Attendees from around the globe joined the March 9, 2023 session to learn about innovative solutions to support women teachers and girls in tackling educational challenges in The Gambia and Burkina Faso.

Canadian organizations (Alitus Femina and the Canadian Teachers Federation) and their partnersin the Global South shared the innovations they are testing, and how technology is used to: empower women teachers through professional learning communities; and create safer learning environments for girls and reduce/prevent the practice of Sexually Transmitted Grades (STGs).

Both testing projects aim to affect policy, raise awareness of harmful practice of gender-based discrimination and violence, and show how a multi-pronged approach advances gender equality in educational settings.

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