Testing innovative solutions to advance gender equality and empower women and girls.

What is FIT?

The fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) is designed to support Canadian small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) testing innovative solutions that advance gender equality in the Global South. FIT's goal is to cultivate a working environment in which SMOs are empowered to experiment, fail, adapt, and try again.

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Nicole Farm Guatemala

Impact Story

Technology Brings Love of Learning to Miskito Communities

Technology Brings Love of Learning to Miskito Communities

Ivania Fiallos Cornejo teaches 2nd grade in an Indigenous Miskito community in the Bosawas region of Nicaragua – one of the most marginalized areas in all of Central America.

Although keen to help her students excel, Ivania was facing an uphill battle. Her school’s remote location, limited resources and lack of access to culturally and…

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Funded Innovations

Innovator : Embrace International Foundation
Project : Inclusive E-Learning for Ugandan Youth

Embrace International Foundation is testing a new approach to self-directed e-learning through the use of Mobile Learning Labs, which consist…

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Innovator : Women's Global Health Innovations
Project : Women’s Empowerment via Menstrual Hygiene and Livelihood Integration

Women’s Global Health Innovations, in partnership with Village Health Teams (VHTs) tested an innovative menstrual health solution where…

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Innovator : Lestari Sustainable Development Consultants
Project : Women’s Empowerment, Agricultural Innovation, and Climate Change Adaptation

Lestari Sustainable Development Consultants tested the women-focused dissemination of newly developed drought-tolerant coffee varieties that…

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