Sexually Transmitted Grades – A Danger for the Future of Girls and Women

  • Sustainable Development Goal :4 - Quality Education
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Transformative (GE3)
  • Testing Country :Burkina Faso
  • Testing Period :12 months
  • Amount :$174,190

Alitus Femina is working to reduce Sexually Transmitted Grades (STGs) – sex in exchange for positive grades – a practice that adversely impacts women’s and girls’ education in discriminatory and harmful ways. This testing project will conduct a series of longitudinal, inclusive, and gender-sensitive pilot tests to develop a locally adapted and effective strategy for addressing the problem of STGs and create a reliable and secure database of evidence. Establishing a comprehensive database will play a key role in facilitating an environment of exchange among stakeholders to better formalize monitoring practices and inform public policy decisions that seek to address the problem of STGs.

Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : Alitus Femina
Local Partner(s) : BURCASO
Region : Africa
Theme : Education

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