Sexually Transmitted Grades – A Danger for the Future of Girls and Women

  • Sustainable Development Goal :4 - Quality Education
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Transformative (GE3)
  • Testing Country :Burkina Faso
  • Testing Period :12 months
  • Amount :$174,190

Alitus Femina is working to reduce Sexually Transmitted Grades (STGs) – sex in exchange for positive grades – a practice that adversely impacts women’s and girls’ education in discriminatory and harmful ways. This testing project will conduct a series of longitudinal, inclusive, and gender-sensitive pilot tests to develop a locally adapted and effective strategy for addressing the problem of STGs and create a reliable and secure database of evidence. Establishing a comprehensive database will play a key role in facilitating an environment of exchange among stakeholders to better formalize monitoring practices and inform public policy decisions that seek to address the problem of STGs.

Canadian SMO : Alitus Femina
Local Partner(s) : BURCASO
Region : Africa
Theme : Education

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