Change for Children – Pivoting the FIT project to Respond to COVID-19

The Indigenous Community Facilitators employed by Change for Children’s Technology and Training for Quality and Equality in the Bosawas project are now also working to protect their communities from COVID-19. Working from four community base-camps along the upper Coco River in Nicaragua’s BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve, these young people mobilized in early April to distribute soap, bleach, hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, and educational posters and brochures to local Miskito indigenous communities. Community facilitators also trained adults and children by demonstrating proper hand washing, hygiene and sanitation techniques and conducted household visits in the indigenous villages that populate Nicaragua’s northern border. In addition to the Miskito language translations currently underway for the teacher training MOOC as part this project, our facilitators are also now working on translating information on COVID-19 prevention strategies into Miskito to further bridge the knowledge gap.

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