Edible Insect Farming for Improved Nutrition and Income in South Sudan

  • Sustainable Development Goal :2 - Zero Hunger
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Responsive (GE2)
  • Testing Country :South Sudan
  • Testing Period :10 months
  • Amount :$242,787

Testing this innovation solution involved looking at enhancing food security and livelihoods through female-led farming (i.e. rearing in a confined space at or near the homestead) of highly-nutritious insect species that are traditionally consumed in South Sudan and that are suitable for rearing in confinement. Farming has the potential to produce larger numbers of insects than can be harvested from the wild (with minimal effects on the environment) and can be produced throughout the year.

Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : Veterinarians Without Borders
Local Partner(s) : Base Net
Region : Africa
Theme : Livelihoods

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