Kieni Fighters Resource Centre for Women and Girls

  • Sustainable Development Goal :3 - Good Health & Well-Being
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Transformative (GE3)
  • Testing Country :Kenya
  • Testing Period :14 months
  • Amount :$214,945

KIDS Initiative tested a new holistic prevention program, the Kieni Fighter Resource Centre for Women and Girls, that addresses behavioural, biomedical, and structural risks of HIV/AIDS infection for women and girls in Kenya. The project, which includes training to promote alternative livelihood opportunities and incentives to increase educational completion rates, was designed to reduce exposure to the root causes of the feminization of HIV/AIDS.

Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : KIDS Initiative
Local Partner(s) : Volunteer International Development Africa (VICDA)
Region : Africa
Theme : Health & Nutrition

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