Remote Ultrasound Capacity Building for Antenatal Access

  • Sustainable Development Goal :3 - Good Health & Well-Being
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Transformative (GE3)
  • Testing Country :Ethiopia
  • Testing Period :15 months
  • Amount :$250,000

In partnership with the University of Saskatchewan, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) designed and tested a capacity building program that aimed to increase access to obstetrical care in rural Ethiopia by bringing potentially life-saving prenatal ultrasound imaging – and associated diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic capacities -to pregnant women in remote areas of Ethiopia. The goal was to test the delivery of synchronous ultrasound services in selected Health Centers for pregnant women, who are unable to access regular obstetrical antenatal care (ANC) by training health officers, nurses and/or midwives to use synchronous ultrasound technology in consultation with an Obstetrician located in a regional hospital.

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