Improving Breastfeeding Rates in Somalia Through Low-Cost, Solar-Powered Electric Breast Pumps

  • Sustainable Development Goal :3-Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Gender Equality Marker :GEM2
  • Testing Country :Somalia
  • Testing Period :10 months
  • Amount :$$174,945

LISS Technologies will test its novel breast pump with mothers living in Somalia to identify whether electric breast pumps developed specifically for mothers living in low resource contexts, will increase breastfeeding initiation rates as well as breastfeeding duration when compared to mothers who are not given the breast pump. Liss Technologies seeks to ensure that mothers in Somalia, regardless of their socioeconomic standing, have access to this lifesaving and life-preserving tool.

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Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : LISS Technologies Inc.
Local Partner(s) : Noble Health Consultancy (NOHEC); Banadir Maternity and Children's Hospital and The School of Public Health and Research, Somali National University
Region : Africa
Theme : Heath

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