Impact Video - Wi Lead By Sabi - CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone Partnership

With support from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation, CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone Partnership tested an innovative solution that aims to address discrimination at the intersection of gender and disability. Women with disabilities are be at the centre of this solution, directly working to transform the negative pattern of exclusion they endure into a positive one, by directly implementing sustainable changes in their communities.

During the testing period, women with disabilities were appointed as Champions in rural communities of the Koinadugu and Falaba districts of Sierra Leone. The Champions will support out-of-school girls with disabilities, their parents and families, and the entire community to identify and plan specific strategies toward improved access to rights. Champions were empowered with knowledge on the rights, needs and risks faced by women and girls with disabilities and methodologies for raising awareness, capacity building and leading change.

This video was prepared by Mediaset Africa with project participants and the CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone Partnership.

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