Empowering Women in Rural India By Debunking Feminine Eye Health Myths

  • Sustainable Development Goal :3 - Good Health & Well-Being
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Responsive (GE2)
  • Testing Country :India
  • Testing Period :12 months
  • Amount :$150,134

In collaboration with Operation Eyesight India and the Rotary Eye & ENT Hospital (REEH), this innovative solution proposed to recruit, train, and equip eight local female community health workers (LFCHWs) to provide eye health services in a majority women-staffed Mobile Vision Centre that will visit 15 villages in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The LFCHWs provided education on women and girls’ eye health, eye care services targeting women and girls, and will also serve men and boys village-wide.

Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : NorQuest College
Local Partner(s) : Operation Eyesight India and Rotary Eye & ENT Hospital (REEH)
Region : Asia
Theme : Health & Nutrition

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