Engaging Culture and Community – Addressing and Changing Harmful Gender Norms and Attitudes

  • Sustainable Development Goal :5 - Gender Equality
  • Gender Equality Marker :Gender Transformative (GE3)
  • Testing Country :Zimbabwe
  • Testing Period :13 months
  • Amount :$208,546

This testing is implementing a community-designed program that redefines masculinity and associated norms in a positive, supportive way at the family level, utilizing intent instead of mandate, leads to Transformative Sustainable Gender Equity (TSGE). It includes the Men Can Cook competition (a skills-based learning opportunity taught by women) and the Men’s Forum on Gender (a platform for discussing norms and attitude shifts led by trained male facilitators) which addresses the lack of opportunities to cultivate empathy and positive masculinity in men. The innovation aims to increase overall family wellness, lightening the load of women in the home and create a platform for men to safely discuss their feelings while women serve in advising, decision-making, teaching and/or leadership role. By engaging both men and women the testing aims to shift masculinity, family relationships and associated cultural norms, increase awareness and community recognition and support, and decrease gender-based violence in the home and the community.

Innovator Video

Canadian SMO : St. Mary's Road United Church
Local Partner(s) : SCORE Against Poverty
Region : Africa, Asia
Theme : Other

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